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Some of my Favourite Projects

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Interviewing Women Who Have Had A Healing Journey

A series where I  interview women who have had a self acceptance and healing journey


People That Have Worked With Me

Nice Words About Ale

“ You are such an inspiration, I love following you on instagram. You have a wonderful message around self love and self acceptance, Thank you for being vulnerable and speaking from the heart"

- Marie Tribble

“Alejandra is a talented and skillful designer, loaded with tons of experience in communication design, user experience and visual strategy. She is capable to see the big picture on every project she works on, allowing her to identify enhancement strategic opportunities. She was super resourceful when I joined the Unbounce family, supporting and providing in-depth technical context from different business units. When working with her, you won't have just an experienced interactive designer, you'll have a project lead, a strategist, a PM and a great human to collaborate with, I'm glad I had the chance to work with her and be part of her professional formation. “

- Cesar Martinez

“I had the pleasure of working on the same team as Alejandra at Unbounce. In that time, Alejandra repeatedly impressed me with her ability to inject creativity into sometimes dry subject matter, while never losing sight of our strategic goals. She is a pleasure to work with, great at giving and receiving feedback, and always has a positive and collaborative attitude (on many occasions she gave me advice that helped me remain positive -- contagious!). Beyond being a pleasure to work with, Alejandra is a passionate and driven individual. You can tell that she cares about her work. I'd be delighted if our paths crossed again in the future.”

- Amanda Durepos

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